COVID-19 Resources

The State of Vermont has designaged grounds care as a non essintial service. 

in light of that, Case Site Services is currently unable to begin spring clean up for Woodhaven. 

The order is in effect until April 17 and will be re-evaluated at that time.  
The State of Vermont has extended the "stay at home" mandate until May 15, 2020

Workers are not allowed to do any work unless it is an emergency.  

Building repairs and painting will be delayed until the State lifts its restrictions.  

April 20, 2020

The State of Vermont has eased restrictions on landscape companies.  Chase Site Services has begun Woodhaven's spring clean up. 

It is likely that Woodhaven's playground, tennis court and pool will remain closed for now. 

The restrictions on constructin crews has also been eased to allow small crews to do repairs.  Currently painting of  Building 8 is scheduled to be begin around May 15.  Repairs will be done in conjunction with the painting.  

Mak's and Richard Electric are working at Building 1 today to repair the ground and plant grass around the January piple repair.